Skatter   Feature Requests

SU2019+VRAYxSU2019 + Skatter? (2)
Scatter effect on edges, surfaces, colors (4)
[REQ] Automatic units conversion (2)
Skatter V1 ---> V2 compatibility (7)
Sketchup Freezing when Picking Host Shape (3)
Progress Bar (4)
Random materials (11)
Triangular grid! It allows more objects than rectangular. (2)
Orient axis/origin to optimize number of components. (2)
White grass? Different shades of green grass? (6)
[REQ] Recursive skattering (7)
Fill percentage to Clipping Areas (2)
[REQ] Fill the volume of a 3D object (7)
Render of two components into the same scene (8)
preset name next to skatter layer name (3)
Delete or modify (thumbnail,...) in library Skatter (3)
Skattering wooden floors. (4)
Avail Previous Versions of Skatter (4)
Face Center with Orientation (13)
Wrap UV 3D Ivy: leaf angle? (5)
Hide in SketchUp (7)
Move a point in Points Set (7)
REQ: thumbnails in the object list (4)
Convert a group to skatter object (3)
Skatter and V-Ray Mesh Clipper (2)
Select objects in the scene - option (2)
Have Normals slider apply to grouped curve (3)
[REQ] Red Alert! Missing stuff + Replacing Objects (9)
REQ: a better Library Preset Manager (2)
[REQ] Is it an idea to add 'clusters' to distribution (13)