Transmutr   Bug reports

Billboard Proxy/Placeholder (5)
model not showing in viewport (4)
Start 3days trial : An error occurred:6724 (2)
Texture bug (15)
Failed to save document (6)
UV in Transmutr Preview (4)
Loading presets (2)
Weird UVWs again (4)
Bugs, FBX CGAxis models. >> FBX format too old (11)
UVs doesn't show properly (8)
Missing faces with Mesh Simplification (3)
[0.3.4] Lost geometry in Sketchup (2)
Lost geometry in Sketchup (8)
Bump texture not mapped in export to Enscape proxy (2)
Megascan-export scatter objects in vray proxy (5)
Blank window after trying to open a file (5)
Dimensional boxing (4)
Transmutr Auto Import not working ( 2 ) (26)
Possible bug (5)
lost textures (7)
Possible bug [Blank screen] (3)
Error on faces :/ (6)
Cannot export model (11)
Icon doesn't look fine on Windows 10 menu (4)
UV coordinates lost in .skp file (14)
Textures not showing in preview (but exported in skp) >> TIFF textures can't be displayed in preview (6)
Map export don't works with thea proxy export (3)
Problems with mapping and mesh in SketchUp (7)
Transmutr cannot see my Egnyte drives (7)
Opacity maps don't follow the other maps. (4)