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Transmutr's public roadmap (4)

From now on, we’ll maintain a high-level public roadmap so that you guys have an idea of which new features we’re currently working on: :arrow_right: Transmutr’s public roadmap

Transmutr supporting .max file (3)
Import/Export for Blender? (8)
Import SKP. (3)
batch create skp file with proxy = proxy with assigned materials (3)
Please prioritize mac (13)
Default Style on SKP (5)
Set Default Up Axis (3)
Import profiles (3)
Decimeters as a unit (2)
Batch Transmute (6)
add collapse all button in materials tab? (2)
Import .Max file with vray settings directly. (18)
keep configuration and previous values (3)
deactivate all licenses (2)
Mesh simplification for selected geometry only option (8)
Vrscene support (3)
More control over mesh simplification (9)
Poly reduction as Proxy creation method (11)
PROXY for Octane render (5)
Set Max Width, Lenght or Height instead of a scale factor (4)
Mod Skp (5)
Cancel (4)
Associate supported File types to windows explorer for double click (4)
File browsers defaults and last used folders should be context based (2)
Total size in stats (5)
m, cm ,mm in textures slider (7)
general textures and sliders (2)
select folder (3)
support for older vray and sketchup (3)