[B] Blank warning pop up

rv 1.2.1
osx 10.11.6

I never noticed before, but when i have a skatter group open and switch to a different one by clicking on one in the list. I get this blank warning screen, i opened the Ruby console to check if more info is there but nothing.

When i click nothing happens, i keep seeing the selected skatter group which was active. If i click yes i see the skatter group which i want to edit.

Cause i dont know whats happening i find it a bit tricky to save this file now.

blanl Warning popup

Can you save a copy of the file and send it to me?
[email protected]


As i was trying the scene again today, it acted different now. I now see the pop when i want to close the skatter window. When i try to edit the skatter groups i dont see the popup. This is quite weird right?

send you a email

OSX 10.11.6
SKetchup 2017
Skatter v1.3.0
This issue happens sometimes to me too.

Yes its still there, the windows says something of “You sure you want to quit, save changes”