Bug when i save a custom skatter file

hello i found a problem when i save a proxy to my skatter library
when i save appear 3 files 1 is the picture of my proxy 2 is the file of skatter format and i have a problem with the third file
the proxy explode and it cant be rendered
i try many solutions and the only solution its
skatter a box or rectangle and save like a custom skatter library and open again the third file and delete all in
and just copy paste my original proxy and save

I think it’s normal Sketchup behaviour.
When you ‘save-as’ a component from Sketchup, it creates a skp file. If you open that file directly, it’ll look like the content has been exploded. But it’s because the skp file is actually the component itself. If you import it back in another Sketchup file (not copy/paste the content), you’ll get a component again.
Skatter uses Sketchup’s Save system, so it behaves the same.

If you load these skp files from the Skatter library, or Sketchup import menu, you’ll get your components again.

So, don’t copy/paste the content, just drag and drop your proxy skp file into your main skp file.