Deleting a Scatter setup ?

I have a completely messed up scatter setup. I have tried deleting Render list items, but Scatter stops responding.
What I would like to do is delete the whole setup and start from scratch. Is that possible?

If I ‘save as’ a different file it brings the setup with it.
For now I have copied the model to a new file, but of course lose all my layers, views and Twilight settings.

Can you send me the file to [email protected] ?

I have sent you a dropbox link to the file.

What is the preferred method of stopping a Skatter “job”. Say I have opened up Skatter, choose my host, chose my component, but then change my mind & want to quit the Skatter job, what would be the best way of doing this. Deselect the component & host within Skatter first before closing the Skatter window or some other way?

Better safe than sorry I say.

Simply close the dialog.
If the setup has already been generated:

  • If it’s “Render Only”, delete it in the Render List
  • If not, delete the generated group in the Sketchup viewport

Thanks. Think I’ve got it sussed now. I’m getting there. Discovering the limitations of my laptop though. Really need to work in render mode. Made a patch (5x5m) of grass yesterday & it really slows things down if 3D grass used. Proxy is definitely the way to go.

Anyway, it’s raining here today, too wet on the job site, so I’ll be playing with me Skatter some more

Opened up a SU model that has a Skatter in it, and got following msg:
“Skatter Error: The surface “Group#3” has been deleted or moved in the model’s hierarchy, please select again”.
It looks like I’ve deleted “Group#3” (none in model) so just wondering where to go from here? Delete the Skatter from the model?

All good (again). Reopened Skatter, selected the Render I had saved, up came the message again, so I just re-selected the Host, and problem solved. Getting there :relaxed:

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