Duration of skatter v1?

Hello, I’m new and I would like to know how long the account lasts in skatter v1? And I just want it for a computer, but my question is if I came one day to format the computer how can I recover the skatter v1 I buy?

The v1 license will be valid forever. You will get all future v1.x updates for free.
v2, v3… upgrades will be paid, though.

For each license of Skatter, you can install it on no more than two computers, provided that it is used on only one computer at a time.

You will be able to activate Skatter on five different computers in total (for instance, if you buy a new computer and uninstall Skatter on the previous one). One single computer can be considered different if its hardware is changed in a significant way.

If you wish to activate Skatter after having used the five authorized activations, you will need to contact [email protected].

Now to buy it I only pay with the card, but to download it or how I do it because I had the demo of 15 days, but I will pay the skatter v1 after paying it I have to download it or what happens next?

You will receive a serial that you will enter in the Options tab.

If and when I transition from Sketchup 2017 to 2018 (when it comes out), Will I need to re-activate skatter for 2018? Will the activation count as one of the 5 activations, or is the computer as a whole activated for all versions?

The computer as a whole is activated, no need to activate again for the new Sketchup version.