eror try demo skatter

By the way, we are working on a new licensing system for Skatter, to avoid this issue.

Thank you Sir!

My free demo doesn’t work either.
It happens when reinstalling software
Could you please reset my code?
My code: MjE5NjZfMTUxNzlfMzA6OWM6MjM6ZTE6NDU6YjY=
Thanks in advance!


I’m sorry but I have already reset your request code in August. This is not intended to extend your demo indefinitely, but to work around a bug.

i am having the same problem too, could you please reset my code NjI2NDZfMjk1MzlfYTA6MWQ6NDg6ZjU6MDI6ZGE=

te paso mi codigo thomas



You guys should be good to go now

Hello. I have the same problem, please
Thank you

I had to install my sketchup again and lost my skatter demo without even using it.

I installed on October 24th 2019 and today due to sketchup bugs I ended up missing without testing the plugin.

I would like them to reset my requst code so I can activate my demo and test the plugin.

Request code: MzE4NzBfMjk1MzlfMjQ6ZjU6YWE6NjU6YmQ6MTY =


Hi. I have the same problem, please
Thank you


I have the same problem.

code :MjcwOTlfMjk1MzlfYzA6ZDk6NjI6NTY6OWQ6NTA=



I hava the same problem.
Request code is:

Are you sure this is the complete code? I can’t find it in the database

Sorry man, my mistake. The correct code is:

Thanks, you should be good to go now

Sorry man, but it still says that i have tried Skatter Demo.

I have the same problem!
code: Mzc4N18yOTU0OF8zMDo5YzoyMzpkZTpmYTpmYQ==
Please help me, thanks!

I see that it was activated yesterday, maybe something went wrong. I reset it once again, can you try again?