First successful try and some ideas.

As said in another thread I managed to get it to work on my personal PC and I found it quite fast even for a fairly big bed I tried with.

I noticed that textures were not shown mapped correctly on parts of the objects in the viewport but after export to a skp it looked good.
One thing that I think would be great to have is the possibility to scale the UVs for textures that somehow come in the wrong size.
Also to switch Z and Y axis to get objects the right direction. It’s very hard to navigate around a object that is the wrong direction.
Just for fun I also converted the same model with Simlabs Composer and Transmutr was way faster at saving the skp file. Well done.

Oh, and another wish.
Would it be possible to be able to set all edges to hidden directly in Transmutr? That would save some time.
And what about settings to smooth edges much like you can in SU. Would also be good to have.

And a question. Does Transmutr save the skp in inches? I always work in mm.

This is a known issue, thanks.

I don’t think we will have this kind of advanced feature in the near future. Transmutr is more about conversion than edition. I’m not saying we will never do it, but first we will focus on releasing Skatter v2.

This is already possible with the “Up axis” field.

That’s great news! :smiley:

I will add the first one on our todo list. The second one is already on there.

We’re not doing anything special. SketchUp is in inches by default, that’s the unit it uses internally.