Future formats

Is there a plan to include other formats?

I do many max to skp conversions and have to do it the long slow way, I was wondering if that would be a format for conversion in the future? Obviously one would need to own 3DMax for it to work, the way Right hemisphere’s Deep Exploration worked in the past.

We are considering other formats. We will probably do a poll to prioritize.

Regarding the *.max format, it is proprietary and there is now way to support it in Transmutr. But we want to make a 3dsmax plugin version of Transmutr at some point, that will be able to export objects and materials from the live model.

If transmutr has a plugin for 3dsmax then it would be way better than simlab exporter. Exporting to sketchup with Vray materials is a pain using simlab right now.