OSX Interface Has Numerous Bugs (Verison 1.0.4, Sketchup 2016, OSX 10.11.3)

I can report that the OSX Interface has numerous bugs (Verison 1.0.4, Sketchup 2016, OSX 10.11.3).

Render lists are not properly updated. In spite of the prompt “Do you really want to delete the selected Skatter setup(s)?”, the setup does not disappear. When editing a previously created Skatter setup, the hosts and objects do not appear in the window (although they seem to still be there – adding them again produces the message “You’ve already added this item”.) There are many more such bugs. I would say that the interface is borderline unusable.

Can other OS X users confirm such problems? Is it specific to my setup?


Thank you Marc for this info, and if anyone else can confirm this it can help a lot too…

This version on a mac is also extremely slow to start rendering, i.e the spinning wheel spins for 30mins to start rendering a relatively small skatter. Is there any work-around?

Thanks Marc, I’ll investigate.

Which version of OSX are you on?