Previewing Multiple Skatter Instances

Hello All,

I’m a newbie user of Skatter. Is it possible to see all of the Skatter groups in a preview in SU at the same time?

How do I add more than one scattered object to a host from the library? For instance, I’d like to have bushes and grass in the same group, but when I load from library, it automatically creates a new group, and I cannot see both to make edits like removing grass from under the bushes etc…

It seems like I should have more precision and I attribute that to a beginning fumbler. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not for now, but we’re looking into it for V2.

You can have as many Skatter Setup as you want. One for the grass, and one for the bushes.

I modestly think this not what he was asking for.
One can add more objects (which are components of his own, or from the Library) by selecting the same destination group again and again… To stay within the same group, go to the play list and edit it. Then, you can select each component and, under their properties, designate a % for each. You might want to check by yourself that the total is 100%, if not Skatter will automatically make the necessary adjustments: see the manual.
If you don’t like their distribution, you can also play with the generator number…