Problems with Mac version

My setup is this: Sketchup 2019.2, Mac OS High Sierra, Skatter 1.4.10, 32 GB RAM.

The problem I am having is that Skatter is terribly slow on my machine (and I have lots of RAM) and I am never able to reproduce what the tutorials teach me. For instance, I am able to select a host and a skattered object but cannot select a second object. And if I select several objects at once I cannot define different properties to each one like, for instance, different densities for grass, flowers and rocks. Changing one changes all.

I would also like to mention that I am trying all those things in a very light file, one that contains only a patch of terrain and some objects to be skattered.

Any ideas on that? Thanks in advance.


Is it slow even when scattering with a low density on a small surface? So you end up with a few dozens objects at most.
Is it slow when working in Skatter, or after you’ve clicked on Generate?

If you want to set different densities, you should create different Skatter setups.