[REQ] Translating/Scaling/Rotating UV coordinates

I think I had bad luck when choosing my examples. My UVs are not compatible with Transmutr…

Here is a second example. How Blender deals with these overlapping UVs and how Transmutr does it:

It would be cool that Transmutr would be able to read these properly but probably we should also be able to translate, scale and even rotate UV mapping.

I suspect missing leaves is due to the same issue.

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Are the UVs correct in the generated *.skp file?

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That was a good question! They are.

However, as you can see, axis aren’t correctly placed. Maybe that’s related too.

PS: Rendering this leaves material doesn’t show the alpha for the PNG. I forgot to insert it in opacity. I really think handling alpha should be better. Sorry for the insistence out of topic.)

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