Request - set file path for proxy file

As indicated - can we specify where the outputed proxy file is written? (For me, I’d like to specify a custom folder for where the vrmesh is written.)

As an aside, I don’t currently have vfs3 installed, but I use V-Ray for Blender, and I’m not sure if Transmuter is even generating proxy files when I specify V-Ray proxy. Does it need vfs3 to be installed? Can it find the vrmesh converter in the V-Ray standalone folder? Now I’m thinking opening SU files would be great for this use case - converting SU objects to proxy for standalone programs, etc. Anyhow, hope that all makes sense. I could just be misunderstanding the whole thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll add this to our todo list.

Do you see a *.vrmesh file? If so, then Transmutr is generating the file.
It’s relying on ply2vrmesh.exe, a free tool that is shipped with every version of V-Ray.
Transmutr tries to find it in these locations :
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray for SketchUp/extension/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray 3.4 for SketchUp/extension/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray for 3ds max/bin/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/Unreal/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray for Revit/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray for Rhinoceros 5/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2018 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2017 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2016 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2015 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2014 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2013 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2012 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”
“Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2011 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe”

I don’t have V-Ray for Blender. Does it have ply2vrmesh.exe? If so, can you give me the path?

Ah, you have to manually tell Transmutr to find the exe location. For my current install of V-Ray for Blender, it’s in:

“C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\Blender 2.79 (With V-Ray Additions)\2.79\scripts\addons\vb30\bin\ply2vrmesh_x86_64.exe”

I could see that having to put a line in for each possible flavor of V-Ray may not be desirable. :smile: Anyway, 2.80 should be dropping pretty soon, so this path will be obsolete soon. Also, this is just the default install path, it’s possible to rename the Blender folder without issues, so there’s no guarantee it would be in the same location for others.

For now, I’ll just make a folder “Chaos Group/V-Ray for 3ds max/bin/" and put the exe file (renamed as "ply2vrmesh.exe”) in there and test it that way.

So that didn’t quite work. It found the converter all right, but generated an error when it tried to use it on a test 3ds file:

[21:20:04.810|info] Located the ply2vrmesh tool: "C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray for 3ds max\bin\ply2vrmesh.exe"
[21:20:04.813|info] Exporting model to .obj...
[21:20:04.822|info] Assimp: Debug, T550508: GenVertexNormalsProcess begin
[21:20:04.822|info] Assimp: Debug, T550508: GenVertexNormalsProcess finished. Normals are already there
[21:20:06.411|info] Exported model to .obj
[21:20:06.411|info] Converting .obj to .vrmesh...
[21:20:06.497|info] ply2vrmesh output:--------------------
[21:20:06.497|info] Conversion failed, exit code 3221225781

I was able to use the old vfs2 ply2vrmesh converter, but it gave me a pretty bad conversion. (duplicate faces, wrong materials applied, etc.)

I see it converts to obj in the background. Would it be possible to output the obj file as another option? I hate to add more buttons, I really like how streamlined this app is right now. Maybe for those who need it, we can edit an xml file for things like converter location, don’t delete obj. output from the TEMP folder, etc. Just throwing ideas out there are this point, not sure how useful any of this is.

I think you can simply install the trial version of V-Ray for SketchUp, it ships with ply2vrmesh.

I’ll discuss this with Merwan.