Scaling problem

Hello, I have a problem with scaling the models. I have for example a tree, I scale it down, but Skatter seems to remember its original size. It happens to every model, no matter if it is a full model or a proxy.

I work on Windows 10, SketchUp 2018, Vray Next and Skatter.

When you pick an object in the viewport, Skatter will actually look at the component definition.
You are scaling the component instance, not the definition.

You have two options:

  • After scaling the component instance, right-click on it, then “Scale Definition”
  • Select the object in the “Scattered Objects” list in Skatter, and change the “Scale multiplier”

Thank you very much, option no 1 helped, but only with normal models. With proxy the Skatter’s red boxes show as scaled down, but it renders with the previous scale. It might be the Vray issue, right?

Indeed, in the case of proxies, you need to use option 2, as the geometry is stored in the vrmesh file, not in Sketchup.

Ok, tank you for your help.