Some initial comments

Hi Thomas and Merwan,

What a nice surprise this Transmutr of yours!

It will be very helpful.

I have made my first test and have some comments:

  • The Sketchup alike character is cool!
  • The UI is simple and very good!
  • I think the two tabs for geometry and materials should be clearer. Though it looks good, having only text is probably not clear enough.
  • The presets maybe could be on another area or more separated from these two tabs.
  • On the materials tab I’d like if we would be able to see all materials options if we wanted. Right now we need to cycle them and have only one open at the time. Clicking the dropdown could show more than one.
  • With PNG files, the alpha channel could be placed automatically on the opacity slot. In this case I had to create the opacity map from my alpha.
  • I have a bug exporting my model which I will report.

I guess that’s it for now and sorry for the bluntness, I’m in a rush! Thanks for getting me on this kind of stuff again, I love being involved!


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That’s me actually :wink: We’re supposed to randomly cycle between me and Merwan, but I’m still waiting for him to send me a photo I can turn into a SketchUp figure.

Do you mean we should add icons next to the “Geometry” and “Materials” tab titles?

In the top bar maybe? Next to the Cancel and Transmute buttons.

In this case, how to emphasis the picked material when using the eyedropper in the preview?

We are dependent on how render engines work. We can’t just use the Diffuse map’s alpha channel as an Opacity map.
That’s how it’ll be exported in the SketchUp material, though.

I think if you insert the preset icons in the top bar maybe both issues could be solved at once.

I think you could have some kind of different color for the material on focus. It’s sort of grayish now, maybe white for the focused material. I wouldn’t loose much time with this though. It was just my immediate thought and both I, as well as others will soon get used to it.

Maybe you could tick a box and extract the PNG’s alpha (or other format’s) and insert it in the slot. Transmutr would create the extra bitmap by itself, saving us the trouble.

There will be countless leaves in Transmutr use case scenarios, this would help for sure.

I would have some more comments.

The axis anti aliasing is not good on my 4K computer at 150%.

I could use a ruler instead of the axis, stating the size in units of my trees, chairs, cars, etc…

Maybe the axis could be the rulers, with each step a unit.

I love how units and axis orientation are being handled in the fly btw. It’s great!