Studio vs artist version [Face Skipping / Point cloud proxies]

Without knowing much how these versions will be different and what they’ll cost, having seen the image with the different proxy preview alternatives I have a wish.
It would be great if the artist version could have at least one way of seeing basic form of the proxy. Perhaps a light point cloud? Bounding boxes are hard to work with as you can easily place proxies the wrong way and only realise it when rendering.
Has happened to me. :blush:

How about some kind of face-skipping?
There would be no intelligent polygon reduction like the Mesh Simplification, but it would just keep every N-th polygon. That way you’d keep the general shape of the object.

That would work too. Thea has the ability to make proxy previews as both face skipped polys and point clouds among others. Wouldn’t a pointcloud be even lighter?
The important thing is to get the preview as light as possible while still seeing somewhat the form of he proxy.
Maybe some smart algorithm to place the points at key positions to visualise the form?

Hi @pixero,

We just implemented a new “face skipping” proxy type that only keeps a few faces to get a sense of the original model’s shape. This will be available in the next release soon (0.2.1).

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