Testing Xfrog tree

I dug up some of my old Xfrog trees, which I never really got around to fully use because it was pre-VfSU-proxies.

Question 1: Is there a way to lower the ground level of the model in the view? Perhaps have it center around what is visible?

Question 2: Is that an exported view of the SKP? Or a 3D view?

I tried to reduce the mesh as much as possible:


Seems like the reduction was a bit too extreme. Will play around a bit more, dialing back the poly reduction.

Speaking of which, would be nice to be able to enter a number for the simplification. Or see a number. So it’s possible to reproduce a previous setting.

Ok, I found I could use a mousewheel to zoom. But still not sure how to pan etc.

(Is this WebGL? Electron window?)

hmm… I exported at about 80% simplification, and the imported SKP looked the same as the one with 100%. Face count also match the 100% version.

The controls should be the same as SketchUp.

This is WebGL using three.js, in an Electron app.

Regarding the simplification, it works best on manifold objects. The algorithm works on groups of faces touching each other. A tree has a lot of isolated faces, it will not yield good results.
For instance a leaf made of two triangles will only be simplified as one triangle at best.

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Hmm… now I was able to orbit. Dunno why I couldn’t yesterday.

Yes, I didn’t expect much from that tree.
However, it appear that regardless whether I had the slider on 100% or 50% simplification, I got the same amount of polygons. At 50% the polygon count in Transmutr doesn’t match the polygons in SU.

I just tried v0.3. This time the proxy got imported properly and VfSU could render it.

Not sure if this is expected, but I found that the leaf texture which had it’s own opacity didn’t have the required option enabled:

Straight from import:

Had to enable this:

This is probably the same issue as this one: Opacity maps don't follow the other maps.

In my case there isn’t a separate opacity map though.

I also noticed there was no material set for the backside. Isn’t that required to render leaves from both sides? (My scene crashes when I try to render so I’ve been unable to fully test. Reported this to ChaosGroup.)

Ok I’ll see if we can enable “Diffuse Texture Alpha” by default if there’s no opacity map.

In a 2sided material, when the back one is missing, the front one is used for both sides.

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Ah. good to know. I was seeing just black - or nothing at all, but then again that could be due to whatever crashes the scene.

In the next version (0.3.1), Transmutr will set “Diffuse Texture Alpha” on if there is no opacity map.