Vray materials will not generate after the proxy export

Hi, when trying to create a vray proxy from an FBX file, the Transmutr will create a vrmesh and a small Skp file. If try to export the vray material nothing happens and the vray materials are not exported as a vraymat. If I import the proxy in sketchup and render as it is the result will be an image with default color materials. If I remember right, in the previous Transmutr versions, you could chose which type of material do you want to export from the material tab(vray, enscape, thea or skp)… now when I try to select any of those icons nothing happen.

You should not load the *.vrmesh through V-Ray.
Instead, import the *.skp file generated by Transmutr. It’s a proxy itself (linking to the *.vrmesh), with all the materials.