2sided shaders for vray are not being made in sketchup

2sided shaders for vray are not being made in sketchup

I open my fbx change my leaf materials to translucent export to sketchup

but it just makes duplicated materials with _base at the end, is this right?

is it supposed to make 2sided materials? because its not making any

Here are my work files
google drive files

I know my texture are not showing but that is not the issue because they link up fine in sketchup

my trial is going to end soon, I was going to buy the software in till i picked up this bug, if this can’t be fixed its no use me buying the software i guess

I don’t think its the file because I tried a simple scene with just a cube and one material , then in transmutr change the material to translucent then export then still get the same result

but i will just wait for a answer just thought this will help
I am using vray next btw

The 2sided materials are the materials without “_base” in their name.
They are the ones applied to the object.
2sided materials don’t really have material information, they just make things translucent. That’s why they need to reference the “_base” material which contain the actual material information (texture maps, reflection, etc)

I’m sorry, I just opened your skp file and indeed their are not 2sided materials. My bad
I’ll investigate.

OK I see the issue now.
You are using VRMat files. When using these, Transmutr just passes the data along and doesn’t modify it. Essentially, the VRMat data overwrites all the other parameters in the material panel of Transmutr. So even if you set the material type to Translucent in Transmutr, if you also set a VRMat file for the same material, the V-Ray material will end up being what’s recorded in the VRMat file.

If you load the VRMat files you provided directly into V-Ray for Sketchup, without going through Transmutr, you will see that they are not 2sided materials.
The materials need to be 2sided before being saved as VRMat files.

You may wonder why the other fields are not greyed out when a vrmat file is provided. This would make sense if we only supported V-Ray, but we actually also support Thea and Enscape so we need to let the other fields active.

thanks for the help i will give it a try