3d bazaar checkout not working


Im trinn to buy some assets, but when i press “Purchase” i just get an empty window where i suppose the checkout section should be. The window is not possible to close without force quitting sketchup. Downloading the free items from the bazaar works, so the problem only occurs when trying to buy assets.

Any tips?

I see that you have RoomBox installed. Does the same thing occurs in RoomBox when you try to purchase a room pack?
Both extensions use a similar system for checkout, so if it works in RoomBox it could give us a clue.

In the meantime, you can purchase the assets in the web version: 3D Bazaar by Lindalë
Then when you come back to the extension using the same account, they should appear as purchased.

Hello Thomas, yes the roombox checkout is working. But if the workaround with the online store works as you state it is good enough for me. I’ll try it.

Hello agai,

The workaround worked fine. But one thing that might cause the issue is that i get this error every time i open the bazaar.

And i also get this error when importing from bazaar to sketchup. But when pressing ok the asset is imported and seems to render correctly.

Could you try manually deleting the 3D Bazaar files?
Delete this whole directory:
/users/andersletteneide1/library/application support/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/3dbazaar

Then reinstall from scratch: https://lindale.io/3dbazaar?download