3d Bazaar not recognising older SKP versions... and more

Hi team,

Congrats on a great idea for SKP - much needed! I’m experiencing some issues in making it as useful as I reckon it could be.

1 - Perhaps this is known behavior, but when I set up my local library, it is only recognizing SketchUp files saved as version 2021 (the version I am currently using). Given my library is many years old, this makes the extension fairly useless to me. I’m assuming something isn’t quite right there, possibly at my end

2 - I originally set my main model library folder (with many subfolders) as the “local”. However, no subfolders show up! Just SketchUp files. I note others are having this same issue on the forum.

3 - When I then add a subfolder as a standalone local folder, the models ONLY show when the Local button is clicked, not the various individual folders (see below), which I would have assumed would filter to files contained within just those folders…?

4 - This is more of a wish type of thing - perhaps demonstrating a workflow to use Transmutr and 3d Bazaar together to get a proper result would be worthwhile. We use Project Manager for 3dsMax, and it is pretty damn excellent at this. Obviously a different platform, but the similarities are huge, so I reckon a quick guide might help a few of us!

This is not expected, all .skp files should be recognized.

I suspect these two issues to be related. Could you send us your logs ( C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\3DBazaar\3DBazaar.log ) to [email protected]


What would you like to see? What workflow/issue would you like to solve?

Thanks for replying Thomas.

I’ll try get those logs today.

As for workflow… and bear with me here, perhaps this is an Enscape specific thing.

The process from getting a model out of Transmutr, with a proxy, into a folder. Then having them show up with a thumbnail, and with naming that lets one filter them easily. For example, as it stands, when I export from Transmutr, I get a proxy and full geometry file. I have no way to filter just the proxy, as both files contain the same base words/letters (for example Car_VW_Golf), but rather than the proxy having a suffix (eg; Car_VW_Golf_proxy), it’s the raw geometry that does (eg; Car_VW_Golf_full geometry). As both are skp files, I can’t filter by filetype. I really don’t want to have to manually rename files and relink them, whether that’s automated via 3d Bazaar or manually.

Very open to ideas around exporting methods from Transmutr too - perhaps I can’t see the forest for the trees here.

Thanks for the explanations!

1. Thumbnails
Transmutr is not able to add a thumbnail to .skp files, due to limitations in the SketchUp SDK. We have plans to try a hacky way of doing it, but there’s no guaranty it will work.
On a shorter term, we will add an option in 3D Bazaar for it to look at image files with the same name as the .skp files, and use them as thumbnails.

2. Filtering “_fullGeometry” files
I understand that these files can get in the way. I’m afraid there is no perfect solution for this. They are a byproduct of the main .skp file (which is the proxy placeholder), so we can only add a suffix. Otherwise it would probably be unexpected behavior from most users point of view.
Would you like an option to hide them permanently in the 3D Bazaar extension?

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“we will add an option in 3D Bazaar for it to look at image files with the same name as the .skp files, and use them as thumbnails”
that would be great !

Yes, a tickbox to hide anything with “_fullGeometry” suffix would be amazing. That basically fixes the issue.


Are your folders located on a network drive?

They sure are - I see you are working on a fix? Great news

Yes we already fixed the issue for the next version!

We added options to hide ‘_fullGeometry.skp’ and ‘_thea’ subfolders, enabled by default.
Available in the next version.

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