3D Bazaar window wont open


For some reason my 3D Bazaar has just stopped working. When I click the icon nothing loads and the window no longer pops up.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have wiped the folder in the Appdata and then tried a clean install and still nothing. I am at a loss. I have not made any changes for this to occur. It was simply working the day before and now it will not open.

Please let me know, as I use this for a lot of commercial projects currently and might be in a bad spot if I cant get access to all the models I have purchased.

Did your monitor configuration change?
Did you move the 3D Bazaar window on another monitor and then disconnected the monitor?

I do have a Dual screen set up and i did recently have to switch one of them out. What would you recommend I do?

Try this:

  • Close SketchUp
  • Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 202X\SketchUp
  • Open PrivatePreferences.json with a text editor like Notepad
  • Remove these sections:
        "WebCommonDialog_lindale_3d_bazaar_checkout": {
            "Height": 800,
            "Left": 611,
            "Top": 189,
            "Width": 800
        "WebCommonDialog_lindale_3d_bazaar_main": {
            "Height": 754,
            "Left": 49,
            "Top": 139,
            "Width": 1249

(The numbers will be different, but you need to remove the whole sections named “WebCommonDialog_lindale_3d_bazaar_checkout” and “WebCommonDialog_lindale_3d_bazaar_main”)

  • Save the file and close it
  • Open SketchUp, the 3D Bazaar window position should be reset to the default

Let me know if that works.

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Worked like a charm! Thank you so much.