3d bazar grasswald 2.0 forest worlds

Hi Lindale

Im very happy with skatter 2 and the 3d bazar it works really great even on complex forms it works.

Can you bring grasswald 2 to 3d bazar please?

Grasswald 1 is great i almost bought all the assets.

With grasswald 2 we can do gardens like a real forest.

I would be very happy if you can bring these amazing release to 3d bazar.

Thanks Lindale

3D Bazaar is going to evolve. It is not doing very well in terms of sale, so until we decide how to transform it and merge it with Skatter, we are not spending more time adding content.
Sorry about that.

But with the help of Transmutr, it should be pretty straightforward to download the assets from the Graswald website and convert them to SketchUp.