3D Models Already Purchased (Globe Plants)

Hello friends, I would like to ask you a question regarding packages of 3D models already purchased in the official websites of the creators and how their integration with 3DBazaar can be.

I bought the Grass & Lawn - Globe Plants Bundle 13 from the official website, now my question is:

Is there a way to access and connect this package in the 3DBazaar if we have already purchased without having to manually upload them to the platform?

(Also this is because, Globe Plants is constantly updating their models and I would like to have access to them in the 3DBazaar to keep the latest versions of the models, without having to download them from the official website.)

This is something that we already discussed here: 3D Bazaar - Asset Licenses

As stated in the other thread, if you have suggestion on how to tackle this, please let us know!