3DMax Corona/V-Ray models with custom materials transfer with Transmutr to Sketchup


I’ve been trying to find best possible way to transfer 3DMax models with Corona/V-Ray renders and custom materials. I’ve studied all forum threads about and wasn’t able to find working solution.

As I understand these two renders are very different and transfer is also different.
In case of V-Ray with the help from “V-Ray 3dsmax to V-Ray SketchUp with materials - Transmutr” it’s more or less fine.
However with regards to Corona I can’t get right models export (elements have wrong groups, colours are wrong, textures not picked up).

In case anyone has a solution, I will be very greatful.

I’m afraid there is no plug&play solution for Corona. Transmutr can read simple materials with maps directly plugged into the materials slots. But anything with color correction nodes or stuff like that, will be lost.
There are just too many possibilities for Transmutr to support them all.

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Thank you very much, Thomas, it’s very much appreciated.
I’ve found a Script which can convert Corona to standard material in 2 steps (Corona -> V-Ray and V-Ray -> Standard):

I’ve requested trial license.
I hope it could work out.
Once checked, will post the results