3Ds Max vray into SKP vray


I’ve been trying recently to convert directly VIZ People cars to Vray for sketchup directly keeping vray data within skp model. I used the way discribed in Lindale tutorial:

Everything went well til the moment I try to render imported model. Textures seem to be well converted with all the map, reflections etc. but frame buffer gets stuck on “building light cache” and crash. No matter way if I render full scene or freshly done proxy - result is the same. Does anyone know this issue and worked it out archiving desired results?

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As the issue is happening in V-Ray, it is beyond our control. I suggest you contact Chaos Group directly.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. Thing is that once textures are eliminated from model everything works fine but the whole case comes around of direct transfering 3ds max vray textured models into it’s relevant skp file without playing around with shaders.

You are using .vrmat files from 3dsmax to SketchUp, right?
If this is the case, I have seen a case in the past of a crash in V-Ray for SketchUp due to it not converting properly a V-Ray 3dsmax material.
This has nothing to do with Transmutr. You will get the same result if you import the .vrmat directly using V-Ray for SketchUp.

This is why I suggest you contact Chaos Group directly.


I not saying it has something to do with transmutr which I personally love. I use multi-textured vray file from 3ds max, go thru all steps from your tutorial together with plugin you recommended and it’s done well. Model with textures nad mapping is done. Transmutr converted materials very well, rather shaders in the end. But once I try to render the scene it crash each time. Geometry is fine. Textures make us trouble.

Maybe you can try to pinpoint which material is making V-Ray crash by trying to import the .vrmats one by one in a new SketchUp file. But that will be a long process if you have a lot of materials…
Sorry I can’t help you further!