A few issues for new user

Hi there, I am a new user to Skatter and had a couple of queries (I did search but only found one similar topic that really didn’t answer the question. I have some pebbles/rocks and some grass in a scene. If I re-open the saved model and render they will not appear, I have to open the composition manager, edit and regenerate - Is this normal? I would have thought this would be automatically ‘part of the model’ and wouldn’t require regenerating each time it was opened. My other issue is that after a while (a couple of hours) of a model being opened when I go to edit (say some grass etc.) and go to the density/or rotation or any other of the adjustments, I use the slider or keyboard to change a value and it reverts straight back to what was there prior. When this happens I have to exit SU and restart to be able to amend these values. Thanks in advance, and I really love the product, Many Thanks, Nick

Thanks for the feedback.

In Model compositions are part of the model because actual objects are generated in SketchUp (you can see them in the viewport). So when you open your model at a later time, they should still be there.

Render Only compositions generate no objects in the model by design. In that mode, Skatter only stores your scattering parameters and the compositions are generated on the fly for your renderer (nothing appears in the viewport so that SketchUp doesn’t slow down).

By default, Render Only compositions should be generated when you open your model though. That’s controlled by this option: “Skatter 2 > Preferences > Compute render-only compositions at startup”.

Is it enabled for you?

We fixed this issue for the next update that should be released next week.

It was related to V-Ray. Can you confirm that you’re a V-Ray user?

Yes - this is with Vray sorry for leaving that out!

Hi there, sorry for the late reply, yes I do have compute render only compositions at startup enabled. But if I open a file and render they are not there until I regenerate each item manually. Thanks again for the reply, Cheers, Nick

Hi there, just updated Skatter and when I head to preferences I now get this error - any ideas? Thanks again, NickSkatter Error


Have you tried the latest version that we released yesterday? [Release] Skatter 2.0.3 - #2

Does it still happen after you restart SketchUp? After you restart your computer?
The error indicates that something is locking one of the Skatter files.

Hi there, the error was sorted after a restart of the computer. I have updated Skatter again and the objects don’t regenerate when re-opened. You have to regenerate each object when you re-open the file each time, Cheers, Nick

Hi Nick, I did some more testing and I’m unable to reproduce that issue.

Does it happen for all your models or only some of them?