A new tool brush drawing

I propose to do such a tool, drawing a proxy, brushing the polygons, about like on this video. Now you have to click one mouse at a time, which is very tiring, especially in such situations.

Hi Max,

Can’t you simply pick the ground and stairs as host, and use a Paint Area?

Yes, you can of course, but I have every step on the ladder created by a separate component and I would not like to blow it up, and that to see all the objects that I want to sow it takes a long time, this is an example with a ladder, and if I suppose I need to allocate a 40- 50 groups throughout the model, the scatterer in this case begins to think for a long time, besides in the library there can be a high density of sowing, in which case he again thinks for a long time over each change. And this method will help to quickly generate a variety of unique situations, immediately to the polygons. This is easier understood and does not require a reorganization of the model, if you need to sow the components.

This tool can have one parameter, the number of objects drawn per second, for example, 15 objects / second

Getting something like this tool, but without physics, I think it would be very convenient!

Invented an interesting way to sift through macros on the mouse, the 5-key assigned a permanent click function, when pressed, the mouse does 1.5 clicks per second. I think this would not be difficult to implement, although I may be mistaken)

Thanks for the detailed explanations. I will add this to my todo list.

Great! thank you so much!

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Damn. Now I want that PhysicsPainter…

@Thomas: Next project for you? :grin:

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FIrst i thought you implemented this, but this is a mouse click example speedup with some GUI mockup right?

THat physics painter seems like hell of a tool!