A nice tut i found on making a boxwood model

I found a nice tut on how to make a boxwood model with skatter. I thought i had some play with and made “SOLID GARDEN”. I fun little joke :wink: All in all took me couple hours with all the modeling and small stuff and learning skatter along the way.

For all you peeps who want to check the tut here it is. The render was just 30min busy but i went ahead a did some post on it. just some minor color adjustments in PS.

Very cool, Rombout! If only Thea were as easy to use as Skatter

Well its not that hard, its just info you need to gather about how it all works. Some info is not well documented so that makes some items a bit harder to learn.

It’s true, but it should be better documented. It took me forever to learn how to make proxies properly, i have no idea how to animate, just moving something to the ground plane is a pain in the neck, I don’t know how to use texture lab… the list goes on. I feel like they are maybe not charging enough for the software so they can afford to make how to videos and properly document it in a clear way. I see amazing examples on the website but have no idea how so much of it is actually accomplished. bit frustrating. But maybe this is not the place for a rant about Thea.
I am happy with Skatter. I would love to see a way to randomly adjust color for the proxies.

Check there youtube channel and also see the top menu under resources there are quite some tutorials. But i understand your feeling, man when i just started i was getting so annoyed by this. But the team was small, yet now its bigger and its still quite thin on good info!!!

Get in the forum and ask. Rombout, me and others are very willing to come forward and answer.

There’s video tuts about all that stuff you are having a hard time with. Just check the links Rombout is talking about.