A word about "drawing origin"

Just a note to say that “drawing origin location” matters. If you are working inside of a group with a given origin, and if you then change the drawing origin within the context of said group and then try to skatter elements within that group, you may get a condition where Skatter fails to preview your skatter objects. Check your drawing origin, it may be that your skatter elements are skattering out of view someplace else in space.

Hi Omar,
Do you have a file showing this behavior?


i will dig up. i think i fix the file, and therefore was not able to reproduce again. i am looking for another file though. Will report back if i find it.

of course, i think i saved over the file, and can’t seem to reproduce the issue. but will keep my eyes our for it. I do have another one for you. There is a certain skatter in a file that has multiple copies of the same group listed as host. The result is an “over skatter” over unwanted areas. I tried to remove the offending group from the list of hosts but they keep coming back. I remove, hit regenerate close out skatter, save the file, come back to same skatter setup, and the offending groups are there again listed in the hosts. I’ll be sending you the file. look for a render-only skatter named “big hill gradient grass”

Sending a link shortly.

i have a file for you, how do i private message you?

Your second bug has been fixed in the new version, download it here : https://d2t08l5uidncyv.cloudfront.net/skatter_1.3.0_setup.exe

Yes! Thank you!