Ability to Select Objects by Left Clicking Becomes (Temporarily) Impossible

Sketchup 2015 Make
Skatter 1.2.1
Windows 7

After regenerating a skatter, it is no longer possible to select objects by left clicking. Only right clicking will select an object. Loading a new scene restores left click capability. Or, selecting a Sketchup Tool, like the paint bucket, and then cancelling also restores the left click capability.

Is there some reason for this? It is annoying because it makes it seem like Sketchup has frozen.

Here is a video of the problem.


The only way for a SketchUp plugin to draw stuff in the viewport (like the Skatter preview red boxes), is to activate a custom tool. Notice that the arrow is white, whereas the SketchUp select tool is a black arrow.
If you switch to another tool, the Skatter preview disappears.

If you want to select objects, simply activate the selection tool again (spacebar, or through the toolbar)