About the 3D Bazaar and its future

I’m really exited by this new tool, and think that there is a great potential in it, but to be fully interesting I think it needs to be much more than what it is actually.

Now that transmutr allows SU user to have acces to a great deal of 3D ressources, the need for a real asset manager appears clearly, and I strongly wish that 3D Bazaar could be it. What users need is something like Adobe Lightroom or Bridge, but for 3D ressources, in SU.

If the 3D Bazaar was somehow merged (or tightly linked) to transmutr, it could be possible to regroup in one place all kind of 3D models and ressources (.Skp, Vray proxy, Thea proxy, skatter collections, .fbx, .obj, etc…), and import them directly in sketchup (by “transmuting” them directly if necessary). If this bazaar was also able to take into consideration .Skm format, it will be possible to build there nice Su material collection, render ready, as .skm are able to retain information from render engines, in Thea for example.

An other addition that will change the way we work will be the possibility to do “virtual” collection, inside the 3D bazaar, based on objects coming from different "real " folders, just like in the 3D warehouse (collections). This will allow a really fine and easy management of resources, one object being able to be part of multiple collection at once, without any “real” duplication. of the files. A system of resource collector could allow the user any specific collection to a folder, to share it for example.

I know that design connected is about to release (in 2021) a SU version of their Connecter tool, so, be the first to be there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, that’s very interesting indeed :slight_smile:

@Thomas actually suggested this some times ago!

We don’t know yet how we would approach this (merge 3D Bazaar and Transmutr into a single extension? Keep them separate but integrate some of Transmutr’s features into 3D Bazaar? Keep them separate but connect them when the user has installed both?) but it’s definitely something that we’ll consider and think thoroughly about. I totally agree that we need to give our users more than just a marketplace, a “marketplace on steroids” if you will :wink:

I noted this suggestion and we’ll discuss it internally. Right now 3D bazaar supports bookmarking favorite assets but that’s definitely not as sophisticated as what you propose!

I have to admit that I’m disappointed that the 3D Bazaar doesn’t currently present the v1. Library format in the same way. The Library appeared as an elegant solution to compile & collections on the hard drive.
Any chance the code for the Library can be retained as a separate button on the toolbar?

The 3D Bazaar extension replaces the Skatter v1 library. It will most likely support v1 presets and import them as v2 compositions, but we need some time to make it all work (we need a robust v1 to v2 conversion, first).

This is a very welcome addition to Sketchup - thankyou !. Coming from 3dsMax, there were a variety of amazing such asset managers (my favourite & the most powerful was “K-Studio Project Manager”, but another great one (free) was Connecter by DesignConnected). These demonstrate a great list of functions that would be fantastic to cherry pick ideas from for Bazaar. One thing that frustrates me is not having optimal thumbnail previews - sometimes the native sketchup thumbnails appear and sometimes they dont. It would be nice to be able to customise the thumbnail previews of the models (& have a batch command so you can render hundreds of them automatically)

Thanks for the feedback @ltchesty!

Those look like great tools. We’ll take a look and see if inspiration strikes :wink:

Don’t hesitate to create feature requests if you need specific features. We’re always happy to discuss it.

I understand. At the moment, we’re limited by SketchUp’s internal behavior: it only attaches a thumbnail to a .skp file when it’s opened. So for instance, if you download a model without preview, it won’t have one until you open it manually.

At the moment, 3D Bazaar is able to extract existing thumbnails but it cannot create them. Down the line, we’ll definitely consider ways to attach thumbnails/generate them though (especially if many users ask for this!).