activation issue

Hi I,m having an issue when trying to activate transmutr. After typing the activation code it just get blank and nothing else happen.

Hi, @Alex_Dobysh,

Could you send us a short email to [email protected] so that we can further investigate your issue?

Thanks. I did.

Some client buy license from me have error like that :confused: any way for fixed ?

Do you mean that the screen is blank only after entering the license key?
Or is it already blank just after installing Transmutr?

After install Transmutr white screen display, can do anything, they try install but can’t work .

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Please have them try to install those two Windows packages and tell us if this fixes the issue?

2010 redistribuable:
2017 redistribuable:

​We think we found the cause of the blank screen issue.
​Please try this version and tell me if it works:

Hello bác Phúc =)) I can say Việt Namese =))