Add description to the sketchup file

When we generate an Enscape proxy, 2 files are generated the proxy and the complete geometry.
In the Sketchup component browser the 2 files have the same name. Would it be possible to automatically add a description “full geometry”, “Proxy Enscape” … and a personalized additional description.
This would allow you to find your way around better
What do you think ?
Thank you

They do have different names on my machine.


Or are you referring to another component browser?

as much for me !
This is not during a conversion from megascan but a conversion of a skp model from sketchup.
I have a component named “sphere”
I open it in transmutr I reduce it I ask for an enscape proxy
I transmute by naming it “Sphere_r”
it generates 2 files Sphere_r.skp and Sphere_r_full_geometry.skp
in the sketchup component explorer I have 3 “Sphere” components the thumbnail is automatically generated with the full geometry like the original even for the proxi
there is only one way to find out is to click on it and go to the edit tab and look at the topic loaded from.

Capture d’écran 2021-10-04 135238

Oh I see! I will add it to our todo list.

Hi @simjoubert
We added a “Full geometry” description to the exported model in order to disambiguify things.
It will be available in the next update in a few days (1.2.8).

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