Add session memory + startup preset

Thank you for a great and indispensable piece of software!

The feature request below aims to save time for users, offload a needless burden and to reduce mismatch between users’ intention and Transmutr’s output.

This holds especially true for frequent use, when transmuting repeatedly within the same session, or repeatedly across different sessions. It ties into requests previously made on this forum. Its four parts help solve related issues.

Thus, in order of relevance:

1) Enable session memory

Please make Transmutr remember any setting within the current Transmutr session.

This means that Transmutr should keep any relevant setting until the user changes it, loads a new preset, or closes Transmutr. Transmutr should always honor existing settings at importing a new asset. (The exception is individual material values such as texture filepaths, etcetera).

Currently, Transmutr does not work like this. Instead, Transmutr seems to do a full factory reset at every asset import. This per-import auto-resetting creates needless extra work for users.

Often, users will re-import the same asset several times, each time evaulating how a certain setting affects the output. Or, more frequently, users will sequentially import several different objects from a similar source. Both scenarios typically call either for similar or identical settings. Currently, while the preset system helps, users must still manually re-pick and re-load a certain preset, over and over again, at each import.

In general, users should not and do not expect software workspaces to reset when opening a new asset.

Program session memory will solve this issue.

2) Enable startup preset

Please make Transmutr accept and remember any relevant setting as a persistent startup preference per user. This would work just like in Sketchup. It could perhaps be renamed from “Options” to “Preferences” to align with Sketchup’s teminology.

Whenever a user starts Transmutr afresh, Transmutr ought to be loaded with that user’s specific preferences and start working from that.

Currently, Transmutr seems to do a full factory reset at every Transmutr startup. However, this creates needless extra work for users. Users will typically re-enter many values identically. (The current preset system helps, but it needs to be handled manually, over and over again.)

Program preferences will solve this issue.

3) Add preset dropdown

Please faciliate Transmutr’s loading of presets by offering a new drop-down menu displaying the latest presets used, independent of their Transmutr session. The 8 or so past (valid) entries may suffice. The top or bottom of this list could show an extra entry letting the user pick a “Load new…” preset.

This enables loading a specific preset in a split second, keeps the user within the same interface context, and gives direct access to several presets regardless of location. It frees the user from needing to remember preset location or name.

As a bonus, you could make .json presets load by drag-and-drop onto the Transmutr viewport.

4) Enable preset filepath memory

Please make Transmutr remember the particlar preset filepath across sessions. Currently, trying to save or load a preset seems to simply open the latest path that Transmutr used, globally.

Instead, the preset filepath memory ought to be restricted to preset filepaths used, and remain unaffected by filepaths to other resources, such as to material textures. The preset filepath memory ought to be persistent across sessions.

This will serve users a more relevant location guess, spare a few clicks, and speed up the workflow.

• How about 1 – 4 above?

Interesting ideas! I think this is the first time these have been requested.
I will add them to our todo list.

This is already planned for a future update. Although I don’t have any ETA for this, sorry.

This has also been requested before. I think we should separate Import path, Export path, and Preset path.

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Thank you, good to hear.

Keep up the good work and go for release.

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