Add .skp as supported Transmutr file type

This might seem redundant but stick with me for a second because there are some definite workflow time savings to be had by adding the .skp file type as an option for drag and drop files in transmutr.

Let’s say I have multiple SketchUp files that are all ready to be converted to proxies (which I do) and I would love to just be able to drop them in and dump out all the proxy file types ready to use for every application I’m in. Currently, it’s a lot of work to open the sketchup file, then open v-ray/thea/enscape generate the proxy repeat.

If Transmutr accepted SketchUp files natively, I could dump out all those proxies at once, saving me a ton of time. I think this could be useful for others as well.

This is already on our todo list :wink:




It’s great to read this! Thank you!

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I’d love to see this capability as well. Any progress?

We are currently working on it. It requires us to create a brand new data structure so that we can keep an transfer all the data from the input SketchUp model.
This is not a trivial task as we have to rewrite a big chunk of the code to support this.