Add Thea mask index to skattergroups or sub group models

I would like to make a request again for adding the mask index number which we can assign for Thea render on models. Now when a skatter group is made this number is lost. It would be nice if we can either give the skatter group a number or better the models assigned in the group keep their index number.

Now they loose that number and i need to uncheck “Render Only” to either give the groups a index or all the sub models in that group

I will discuss this with Tomasz.

Tomasz is looking into it. But really that’s something you should discuss with him directly, or on the Solid Iris forums.

Well I thought cause of skatyer it looses the index so therefor think I should ask here. When I create a group or edit the models in the skatter group the mask index doesn’t work. That last issue is probably Thea related. But it doesn’t copy the mask index over to the created models, that is skatter related.

Tomasz confirmed that this is related to Thea, not Skatter.

Okay do i still need to contact him about this or does he know the “issue” now?

I don’t think you need to contact him about it right now. But if you want to discuss it later on, you should do it with him directly.