All proxy's render black

I am using Skatter together with 3D Bazaar proxys.
When I have saved the file and reopen it, all the proxys render black.

I have tried to re-locate the files through the Vray “File path editor” without any luck. All the files are indicating green.

The only solution has been to copy my model to a clean file and import the 3D Bazaar poxy’s again and skatter dem once again.

Doe’s anyone know of this and have a solution?



There should be a multi-material within vray material editor where you can reload materials. Did you try that?

Note that if you purge in Sketchup, those materials won’t be assigned anymore and it will render a black model. The only workaround I have found is to paint a grouped face and bring it along with the proxy, so the materials remain in the model. :upside_down_face:

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Hi Eqc
Sorry for late reply and thank you very much for your explanation. I will try to place the material again or try do delete the material in VRAY and import the proxys again. Maybe that will work.
At least I have a way to go and an explanation! Thanks!