Allow installing library somewhere other than C drive

Because quite often these days, C drive means SSD, and space can be precious. I for example have my Thea program data installed on D: (normal hard drive). But I didn’t see an option or chance to change the default location.


Yes, that’s a big subject bothering me from the start :confused:
The issue is that the Library contains Thea and Maxwell files that contain hardcoded paths to textures. These paths are not accessible by Skatter itself, so they can’t be dynamically changed.
So I made the choice to enforce the location of the files so that it works out of the box, otherwise people using these files would have to change the paths every time they update Skatter.

But I’m open to better solutions!


Thearender is not able to handle relative paths for textures?

@Thomas: Thanks. I understand. Thea has been struggling with true asset portability for quite a while.

@simpey - I think relative paths might not be as big a problem as absolute paths. And this issue seems to be about absolute paths.

@simpey - If you know a way to input relative paths for textures in .mod.thea files, I’m interested!

Ok, I thought I’d seen relative paths in some Thea files, but I can not find them … It might just be a dream. ! :slight_smile: