Architecture Office in the Desert

That’s a peculiar building :slight_smile:

I really like the vegetation!

I have on criticism about the lighting : maybe rotate the sun a bit more to the right, so that it is not directly behind the camera. This will bring back some dropped shadows throughout the image and add depth to it (especially on the vegetation)

Thank you for the advice!

Peculiar in a good way?

The concept was to retrofit an abandoned CMU shell…adding a skylight to soften the natural light throughout. You pass through the courtyard before entry where the vegetation is left somewhat untamed.

Here’s an update with a rotated sun (I think I rotated in 15 degress to the right) and more conventional form to the CMU shell.

That’s better IMO !

a very nice work - Prima! and to use cacti as vegetation never comes to mind living in central europe :smile: How many different components have you used for this?

Thank you!

There are a few different Skatter groups used for the vegetation, each has their own component or components.

  1. The cacti outside the wall is just one component.

  2. The prickly-pear like cacti in the courtyard consist of three different cactus models, each at a different size.

  3. The weeds around the perimeter consist of 2 components.

  4. Finally, the gravel is one component.

So that makes 7 components in total.

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Very nice mood!

The cactus are hand made?

No, I purchased the cactus models from CGTrader and CG Axis.