Axes issue with Skatter

I drop an object, in this case a tree, in Transmutr then I set the Up axis to + Y, so I see the tree standing up, then transmute the object.

When I open the SketchUp file with the saved tree, the tree is facing the camera. I rotate the view (the tree axes look to be ok) to make a plane and start the Skatter, I select the plane (group) as Host then I select the tree as Scattered object…but the tree shows horizontal in the skatter preview : ((

The Z axis shows the tree above or under the plane when moving the Pointing Up or Normal. It does not matter where you set custom Proyection axis, the tree is all the time in horizontal position.

I have also tried to change the tree Axes with the SketchUp tool but it is the same, it shows horizontal all the time in the Skatter preview.

Do anyone knows how to fix this issue?

I can Skatter any other other object/s with no axes problems but not the objects coming from Transmutr.


Did you open the .skp file generated by Transmutr and tried to create a Skatter setup in there, or did you import the .skp file as a component in another model?

The latter is what should be done :wink:

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Thanks, it works as you said.

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