[B] Non flat surface shows lines in skatter groups

I was looking at this post and wanted to help the guy and see if i could find his problem.

I started with a simple sandbox surface in SU and made some height adjustments and then loaded in the preset from “short large grass”. I noticed that on render time i see a pattern coming from the surfaces of the floor. I dont understand why these are visible, the angle is really oft at certain parts but still its visible.

Should i make the Random Translation X- and Y-rotation of the model bigger then? The insertion is set to center, pointing is according to the Normals.

SU preview of the sandbox terrain

Example of the render done in thea

That’s to be expected. The lines you see in the grass are the edges of your terrain. The angles may be small, they’re still there.
The thinner the sandbox grid, the less visible the lines will be (but longer computing times in Skatter)

Skatter takes the surface as-is, it doesn’t subdivide it.

Aha i was thinking that was the cause. I thought perhaps bigger X- and Y-rotation woul help, but still was visible then.

So smaller grid is the way to go then, thanks!

Or you can make the lines less straight.

I think there’s a plugin called Jitter or Noise.

Ive found a plugin which is called jitter, though active download link. I think it adds noise to the planes, so it could make other angles bigger than actually. I think a smooth or add geometry plugin isi better like artision is better than right?

I found a jitter which makes a lot of tringles but does shift all edges. But wont it be even more visible than?

The lines are visible because they are very regular. If the whole thing is at least a little bit irregular, it probably won’t be as visible.

It does work nice. Accidently i noticed a nice effect. I had copied the group so i would have a original of the edge flows. I Didnt turned the layers off and gave this nice effect of patches of open grass in the hills… hahaha happy accident that was

Fixed lines with the jitter rb

The happy accident with second smoother plane, looks like dried grass patches or dead open spots


Do you mind sharing the link to jitter.rb?

Here you go

Its destructive so copy the model before doing it. Also some groups wont work, i need to explode it before it works