[B] Skatter groups disappear when i uncheck "live"

rv 1.1.2
su 2015
osx 10.11.6

I wanted to test and export a scene to thea studio, after unchecking “render only” i move the group to a separate layer. I then pick a new group and see the other one has disappeared, it also is gone from the list and cant be found using the outliner.

It seems i can only have one “real mesh” skatter group in a scene. I cant work it when i use right mouse>duplicate skatter group. Then the skatter groups stays and i can have multiple real mesh skatter groups

I’ll try to replicate that, thanks.

I think after checking the beginners tutorial again. I see the person close skatter window after a new group is created. My skatter groups are list of render only and i think because when i convert one to a group it stays selected. At the moment i convert a second group i think it replaced the other one.

after checking it, indeed works when i close the window. Deselecting while the winow stays open re-select the group and also deletes it when i convert a second group

CLosed skatter and reopened it keeps groups

This will be fixed in the next version :slight_smile:

Great! For now the copy works okay, very tricky behavior for those disappearing groups, you can easily ruin your setup.