[B] Using random UV projection Areas dont work

rv 1.1.1
osx 10.11.6

Im testing some possibilities for easier edge conrol/border proxies. I tried using a small offset area and then paint a exclude area using the brush. As distribution i used projection UVunwrap. I noticed that when this is used the Area isnt taken into account.

With projection it does work, see below

Is this normal?

Yes, that’s because the Wrap (UV) mode isn’t a projection, it’s generating particles directly onto the faces.

So there is no axis along which an area could be projected.

I actually already taken this confusion into account, and in the next update the “Areas” rollout will be grayed out when Wrap (UV) is active.

Oke clear, sorry for all the questions. I just cant seem to find all the info in the manual

It means I have work to do to make it better :wink:
Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Okay but area looks at the host right? is the projection that necessary for a area to work then. I mean a area subtract the area from the host, i thought this is independent from the projection type

The area contour is projected onto the surface : http://skatter.helpscoutdocs.com/article/69-stuff-to-know#projection