Beta .0.3.4 is out, how do i get it?

how do i get it?

Right here :

why all the time i try download last version, ask to login?

Login to this forum, right?

Once you sign in and use the remember password it should keep you logged…

I’m connected but when I follow the link for download, back asking me to log in.

I get the same.

Ok… this happens on any specific browser? like Chrome?

Please try one more browser and see if you have the same issue.
Try to clear all browser cache too and see if this works.

In nay case we’ll test this here too.

i don’t use chrome, i’m using IE, but i’d try with Microsoft Edge and it’s the same.
but I have other problems in the forum.
I note that there are more pages with posts but I can only see the front page, direct links to other posts, in the right side menu, asks me to log in.

Ok, thanks… looking into this problem for a fix. Anyone else having this issue please keep me posted here too.

Interestingly edited my post once, I can’t edit it again.
tried with chrome but it turns out the same.
While there is no solution to this problem, it will be possible to provide a direct link to download the latest version?
i’d like to skatter something this Christmas with new version :slight_smile:

did you try ?

got it
Merry Christmas for the team

Hi I got the same problem.
I can enter the post with the download link.

And I can’t use V-ray RT with Skatter.
Please release video that explains how to work with V-ray proxy.
Thank you.

What happens exactly when you try to use Vray RT?