[BETA] 3D Bazaar 1.0.0-beta2

3D Bazaar Version 1.0.0-beta2

This may be the last beta version before the public release.
Due to a recent announcement by Chaos Group that disturbs our plans (we can’t talk about it because it’s not public yet, but some of you probably know what’s up), we have decided to release the 3D Bazaar earlier of what we originally planned. This means releasing it before Skatter 2.0.
This is far from ideal, but we don’t really have a choice :frowning:

For this Beta, most of the work has been done under the hood or on server-side, but there are a few nice improvement:

  • A new cart system, so you don’t have to purchase assets one by one.
  • A mobile interface to browse the library on smaller screens, or when using the 3D Bazaar in SketchUp with a single monitor.
  • The local library now updates in real-time when you add/remove/rename files or folders.

We have also added a lot of content to the marketplace, especially vegetation!

Download: simply launch the 3D Bazaar Beta1 in SketchUp, you should get a notification that a new version is available. Click on “Install” and the 3D Bazaar will do the rest! The update is actually mandatory, you cannot dismiss it, because the server side has been updated and is incompatible with Beta1.

Just in case, here is the download link: https://files.getskatter.com/3dbazaar_1.0.0-beta2.rbz

As always, please do not share this link outside of the Beta group. It is strictly confidential. Anyone sharing the link or installer outside of the Beta group will be banned from it.

New features

  • Cart system: you are now able to purchase several models with a single payment instead of purchasing them individually.
  • Mobile interface: the user interface now adapts to smaller screens such as for mobile devices.
  • Live updates for the local library: your local library now updates in real-time when you add/remove/rename files or folders.


  • Local library: folders stored on disk when downloading assets are now hidden in the interface (assets are shown with the same appearance as in the marketplace).
  • The default download location is now User/Documents/3DBazaar/Downloads.


  • Local library: fixed various crashes that occurred when scanning local files.
  • Fixed the extension not loading due to a conflict with some versions of V-Ray for SketchUp.
  • Fixed showing a material texture when a .skp doesn’t have a thumbnail.
  • Many more small bug fixes…



Hi Thomas & Merwan

I’ve tried creating an account for usage with the 3D Bazaar. This works ok, but after clicking the activation link in the e-mail in the webbrowser, I get an activation page that says ‘activated’ and it also offers a sign in option. When I click there to sign in I get an error message saying ‘missing token’.
When I sign in inside the 3dbazaar plugin in sketchup, it works fine.

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Love the way the window behaves when I make it smaller

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I just tried 3D Bazaar just now. It came up with a couple of messages.

However, the plugin downloaded successfully (even within our corporate security network).
I restarted SketchUP, 3D Bazaar opened without an issue & I managed to login and download one of the free samples.
A wee item - the Thea Render icon could be a little larger compared with the others.
Restaurant Tableware - when I click on the small “download sideways” icon, I get a cup of latte, when I click on the image to get more details and a larger screenshot, I get options on what to download, but not the complete set at one go.

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I’m getting weird behaviour with the previews when I try to place them in SketchUp. Sometimes there’s no preview, sometimes it’s the previous download’s preview, sometimes it’s the right one. And then I click and it’s the correct object. See screenrecording. I’ve let camtasia add a red circle when I click, that will clarify the behaviour a bit.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I’ll fix it right away, this is due to the changes in authentication.

This is due to the incompatibilities between the new server and Beta1, that I mentioned in the original post. If it works correctly after the update, then it’s all good :wink:

Yes maybe. It’s because it doesn’t fit nicely in a square like the others. The width is the same, but it makes the height smaller.

This is really strange. The preview is generated by SketchUp itself, we invoke the standard “place component” tool of SketchUp by using the place_component() function from the API. So this looks like a SketchUp bug considering the right component is placed once you click.
I’m not able to reproduce it, in any SketchUp version. Can you try to disable all other extensions and see if it still happens?



As noted, I downloaded the Restaurant Tableware to a custom folder. I didn’t realise that it was busy downloading all the items in the background as I was pulling the cup into SketchUP. Very neat, and it made the browser/SketchUP very quick.
However, I can’t use the local folder browser to pull in the Thea proxy version of the cup model I created with Transmutr that’s in the same sub-folder. 3D Bazaar only sees what it downloaded, rather than a general SKP browser as the Thea browser for instance.

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Indeed, we did that to avoid polluting the local library with unnecessary subfolders.
When you download an asset from the marketplace, the application create a .json file, a folder, and uncompresses all the asset files in that folder.

For example, if you download an asset named “Tree” with the id “a1b2c3”, and you download it as proxy, the application will create this:

  • Tree_a1b2c3_1_proxy.json
    This is what we call a “manifest”. It’s simply a description of the asset, the files that have been downloaded, etc. It contains metadata that the application needs to display it properly.
  • /Tree_a1b2c3_1_proxy
    This is a subfolder that contains the files that have been downloaded. These are the actual files imported in SketchUp (and all the dependencies like maps and proxies) when you click the “Import” button of the asset.

If nothing was done, the application would list the asset, but also all the .skp files it would find in the /Tree_a1b2c3_1_proxy folder. Some assets can have a dozen or so .skp files. So displaying all of this would take up unnecessary space in the list, for no benefit.
This is why we have decided to hide folders if there is a .json manifest with the same name, in the same parent folders. If there is no .json manifest with the same name, folders and their content are displayed as expected.

In a future version, we will have an option to force showing these folders. So the workflow you described will be possible.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond and the explanation.

well the new Thea logo fixes that for you :slight_smile:


[edit] Bytheway, Thea V3 release notes mention compatibility with Skatter V2 even before it’s release! It’s great how future proof they are :smiley:


You’re gonna need a new V-Ray logo as well…

AND a new Enscape logo

AND a new SketchUp logo

It’s redesign-your-logo-season


Hi, I just tried to add a folder to my “local” library, and I end up with a red alert warning : Something went wrong when adding local folder: Cannot add folder in read-only mode

I tried on many folder, and I cannot add any folder, and cannot delete the one that I’have previously added to my local library (similar error message).

How can I fix that ?

Hi @mrwip

3D Bazaar switches to “read-only” mode when another instance of 3D Bazaar is running at the same time. Was this the case? (It’s a safety measure to prevent conflicts when too many windows are open)

Does it still happen after you restart your computer?

Thanks Merwan, it works if only one instance of the bazaar is open.

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