[BETA] 3D Bazaar 1.0.0-beta5

3D Bazaar Version 1.0.0-beta5

In this 3D Bazaar update, we mainly focused on fixing many bugs and quirks, and polishing the UI.
But we also added a few features, like sorting search results, supporting PayPal in the extension, and a small utility to relink broken maps and proxies in a an existing component in your model simply by right-clicking on it.

This update is mandatory because of changes server-side (to enable sorting on search results), which are incompatible with previous version.

Download: simply launch the 3D Bazaar Beta4 in SketchUp, you should get a notification that a new version is available. Click on “Install” and the 3D Bazaar will do the rest!

Just in case, here is the download link: https://files.getskatter.com/3dbazaar_1.0.0-beta5.rbz

New features

  • Added sorting by price, name and date.
  • Added support for Paypal.
  • Added a context-menu (right click) utility to relink maps and proxies in an existing component.


  • Added visual feedback when importing a file into SketchUp.
  • Added a warning message when a local .skp file comes from a newer SketchUp version and cannot be imported.
  • Added a “Back to bundle/asset” button to facilitate navigation between assets and bundles.
  • Added colored dots as visual indicators when browsing through the images of an asset.
  • Added visual cues to better recognize bundles from simple assets.


  • Fixed the “Clear filters” button also reseting the search keywords.
  • Fixed the size and SketchUp version of local files showing up as “undefined” in some cases.
  • Fixed error messages attached to local files and folders not being cleared when the issue gets solved.
  • Fixed several bugs occurring when a local file tracked by 3D Bazaar is renamed externally.
  • Fixed an error showing up after downloading a model in some rare circonstances.
  • Fixed “download”/“import”/“favorite”/ “add to cart” buttons sometimes not responding.
  • Fixed local folders sometimes appearing twice in the folder hierarchy right after being added.
  • Fixed error message wrongly displayed when downloading an asset.



Thank you!

Note to Mac users: since the previous version, we received bug reports from users of older OSX versions (such as OSX 10.13). It’s likely that the reported issues still occur with this update but we now log more data in the hope that it’ll help us undertand more clearly what happens.

Please send a message to [email protected] if you encounter such issues.

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There´s some odd pricing situation regarding the boulders from vizpark, they are $5 usd each (15 rocks) and those assets bought individually costs $75 usd, but the bundle (that should be a more convenient price since you are buying all the assets at once and is more comfortable to manage costs $119 usd, so i could buy each stone separately and save $44 usd ? it must be an error on individual price being too low or bundle price being to high?

I’ll get in touch with Vizpark so we can sort this out.

It seems, all Skatter Compositions are gone from the marketplace. Don’t know since when (haven’t visited the Bazaar in a while). But when I set the filter to look for Skatter Compositions, none show up…

Hi @jakob-winter

Yes we disabled compositions in 3D Bazaar for the moment (it would be confusing for 3D Bazaar users that are not part of the Skatter 2 beta). But of course they will come back in an upcoming update.