[BETA] 3D Bazaar 1.0.0-beta6

3D Bazaar Version 1.0.0-beta6

Download: simply launch the 3D Bazaar Beta5 in SketchUp, you should get a notification that a new version is available. Click on “Install” and the 3D Bazaar will do the rest!

Just in case, here is the download link: https://files.getskatter.com/3dbazaar_1.0.0-beta6.rbz

New features

  • Added options to hide ‘…_fullGeometry.skp’ files and ‘…_thea’ subfolders. This is especially useful for Enscape and Thea proxies generated by Transmutr.
  • If an .skp file doesn’t contain a thumbnail, an image file with the same name can be used as the thumbnail.


  • Keyword tags are now clickable to generate new searches.


  • Fixed several bugs that could occur when opening the app (missing loading animation, UI blocked for a few seconds, first page of results empty…).
  • Fixed an authentication error that occurred in some cases when leaving 3D Bazaar open for a long time.
  • Fixed asset list being empty when starting directly in the “Purchased” category.
  • Local library: fixed the library not being availalble when disconnected from the internet.
  • Local library: fixed the library not working for folders located on network drives.
  • Local library: fixed errors occurring when files queued for scanning got deleted externally.
  • Local library: fixed a bug that sometimes prevented from extracting the embedded name of a SketchUp model.
  • Local library: fixed secondary files extracted from .skatter files appearing as independent files.
  • Local library: fixed thumbnails stored on disks never being cleaned up when the associated library file gets deleted.
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nope just dont work to many error messages and as to downloading models hahahahahahah no chance